We respond quickly and effectively to our customers to help them be as successful as possible.

1. Avoid negatives

Avoid saying sorry, can’t, won’t, not able to, unfortunately and so on. People become adversarial when they read these words.

2. Avoid patronizing

Avoid saying anything that seems patronizing or insincere. Words like “sorry” and “appreciate” often seem insincere. Also, use exclamation points cautiously!

3. Be comprehensive

Do not leave anything to wonder, but do not overwhelm the customer with needless information.

4. Ask coworkers for help

Practice replying to difficult conversations with help from coworkers.

5. Don’t respond when upset

Some customers are rude. Get help from a coworker or take a break if you're upset.

6. Use saved replies

Saved replies ensure consistency and we can report on their use to prioritize improvements.

7. Research the situation

Retrieve all the facts surrounding a situation and craft your reply based on them.

8. Research the customer

Evaluate the customer's potential and tailor your response accordingly.

9. Use names

For example, don't say "Thanks! Credit added!" say "Thanks Brian! Credit added!"

10. Use screenshots to add clarity

Take & share annotated screenshots to add clarity to replies when sensible.

Of course, these principles don’t solve everything, but they lay a foundation for our team to build upon.

To deliver outstanding service we also hire great people, relentlessly improve our training programs and collaborate with software development to devise elegant solutions to help customers.

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